Rent to buy - how it works?

  • Choose any quality home in Vilnius or Kaunas
  • Move in now and gradually accumulate down payment
  • Become homeowner once you're ready

How it works?

5 steps to becoming a home owner

Choose any flat or house in Vilnius and Kaunas that fit our criteria.

Property criteria

We do a detailed document and price analysis on your chosen property. Once it’s confirmed we sign the rent and preliminary purchase agreement with you and purchase the property.

Once we give you the keys to your new home the rent starts. Every month you pay the rent and the instalments for your down payment.


Once you accumulated the down payment you purchase your home from NUMAI at the pre agreed price and become official owner!

Property criteria

You can choose any property that meets this criteria.


  • Located in Vilnius & Kaunas
  • Year of construction - any
  • Price from €50 000
  • Distance to local infrastructure <2 km
  • Distance to source of noise pollution >1km. Does not apply in the city centre.
  • The property must be residential type.
  • The property must have a separate and unique number and address.


  • Located in Vilnius & Kaunas
  • Within the boundaries of Vilnius or Kaunas districts
  • Year of construction - from 2000. If it's a frame house - from 2015.
  • Price from €120 000
  • Distance to local infrastructure <2 km
  • Distance to source of noise pollution >1km. Does not apply in the city centre.
  • Property cannot be heated by solid fuel
  • The property must be residential type.
  • The property must have a separate and unique number and address.

Terms and Conditions of the Service

Before signing the contract carefully evaluate all conditions for NUMAI Rent to buy service. We are happy to answer any question regarding our conditions. Learn more


Still have some questions? Check out these that are most frequently asked.

Calculate preliminary monthly income in our calculator.

You can choose any apartment, individual house or semi-detached house available in the property market that meets our requirements. The general requirement for all properties is that their price must be at least €50,000 but does not exceed €700,000. Pricier properties will be evaluated individually.                      

You can search for properties on any ad portals and on the websites of new development projects. Your chosen home must meet our requirements.

Yes, NUMAI will help you with all the furnishing and decoration work, which will be carried out by our contractors. All furnishing/decoration will be done according to your wishes. The cost of furnishing will be added to the property price. Rent and accumulation will be recalculated accordingly. 

With NUMAI, the maximum amount you can save is 15% of the property price. Once the customer accumulates this amount, the accumulation payments are stopped and only rent payments are paid. 

 No. The advance and monthly accumulation payments must be paid from the customers’ own funds. Customers cannot borrow money for these payments.

Before using NUMAI Rent to Buy service, carefully assess the associated risks.


1. By entering into a Rent to Buy agreement, you assume obligations, the failure of which may result in NUMAI:

– charging you late interest and debt administration fee;

– pausing the furnishing process;

– terminating the lease and the preliminary purchase and sale agreement if the violations are substantial.


2. Part of the rent is linked to EURIBOR interest base. Because of this, your rent may increase. Therefore, before signing the contract, you must assess whether you will be able to fulfill your monthly obligation if EURIBOR rises.


3. Home prices may adjust and at the time of redemption, the value of your home may be lower than the home price agreed upon in the preliminary purchase and sale agreement. NUMAI is not responsible for housing price changes and this risk taken by you.


4. NUMAI does not guarantee that you will be eligible for a mortgage in the future. You must responsibly evaluate your capabilities individually.

We want you to live in a truly high-quality home that is also a liquid asset. Therefore, we have indicated some requirements that will help you select exactly such property.

We analyse every situation individually, and try to find best solutions for every client.
If you wish to start with client qualification, fill out the contact form and our representative will gladly share the NUMAI client application with you. We will evaluate the information provided in 1 business day and will confirm whether we can provide Rent2Buy service to you. 
Upon entering into the Property Rental Agreement and the Preliminary Sale and Purchase Agreement for the Property, a one-time payments of the contract fee, advance payment and rental deposit will be applied – you can find more about these here.
Find out the preliminary amount that you would pay for your desired property by entering the property price and its furnishing cost into our calculator.

You will be able to acquire the apartment or individual house under the typical terms and conditions – using your accumulated personal funds or with a mortgage loan from a bank. We will sell the home to you for the same price that we paid.

The minimum rental period after which you can acquire your home is 2 years.

Yes, you will be able to move into the property after signing the Rental and the Preliminary Sale and Purchase Agreement, and after we have purchased your chosen home. If the home is not furnished, we will offer the services of our partners who will help you to furnish your home according to your needs and wishes. You will then be able to move in as soon as the furnishing is complete.

No, this is not necessary. You don’t have to inform the seller of the property about the Rent to Buy type of acquisition, because NUMAI will buy the property from the seller in a standard way.

Yes, we can cover the interior design services. If you have chosen a home with only partial furnishing, it is mandatory for the technical designs to be drawn up by an interior designer.