How it works?

5 steps to becoming a home owner

Choose any flat or house in Vilnius and Kaunas that fit our criteria.

Property criteria

We do a detailed document and price analysis on your chosen property. Once it’s confirmed we sign the rent and preliminary purchase agreement with you and purchase the property.

Once we give you the keys to your new home the rent starts. Every month you pay the rent and the instalments for your down payment.


Once you accumulated the down payment you purchase your home from NUMAI at the pre agreed price and become official owner!

NUMAI vs Traditional Rent

Traditional journey
You can choose almost any property in Vilnius or Kaunas
You can purchase properties in any city
You live in your own home
You steadily accumulate the down payment
You know for what price your will purchase home
Your home will be decorated according to your wishes
You can make your own rules
You can switch property if you don’t like it
You accumulate personal wealth for yourself
You accumulate personal wealth for your landlord

Our accomplishments in numbers

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers


Happy clients


Clients became homeowners

€28+ Mln.

Owned real estate

€23+ K

Our clients save on average

What our clients say

NUMAI is a team of professionals who don't know what word "fail" means. They are always there when you need them. They helped me to realise one of my biggest dreams - having new home in a great location. I will always be thankful to them!


I give five stars to Numai. When I heard about Numai, I contacted them and that same week I was signing the agreement. As I don’t speak Lithuanian, they helped me to find the contractors for the renovation and the loft was decorated and furnished as per my requests.


Since we were not eligible for the bank loan, we are very happy that NUMAI gave us an opportunity to live in our dream home. I am pleasantly surprised with how helpful, knowledgeable and efficient NUMAI team is, which made the journey to living in our own home very smooth.


Thanks to NUMAI we were able to get our dream home, when banks did not qualify us for the loan due to my husband's nationality. NUMAI is a team of professionals, and the whole process was smooth and efficient.

Vanda & Jonathan

I'm so happy that I was able to live in my future home by renting it out first. And I'm glad that NUMAI created a solution for people whose salary does not come from the employer on the same day every month. Thank you for helping to purchase my home!


Since the majority of our income was from self-employment, banks didn't want to qualify us for a mortgage. NUMAI helped us to become owners by renting our home first and then selling it to us once we were ready to apply for a mortgage.