Payment Plans

Choose a payment plan that fits your needs and will help you to become a homeowner in a most convenient way.
Payment Plan Descriptions
  • 1

    Min payment plan offers flexibility as the minimal contract term is 1 year and the price is locked for 5 years. Minimal advance payment is 2,5%

  • 2

    Plan Fixed is the most relevant to those who wish to pay smaller monthly and advance payments at the beginning of the contract. With this plan, the minimum renting period is 5-years after which you can purchase your home at the original price. Minimal advance payment is 2.5%

  • 3

    Plan Indexed offers one of the lower monthly payments and the smallest rent. The property price every year grows at a fixed 2.5% rate. Once you are ready, you can purchase the property after 1 year of renting period. The minimal advance payment is 2.5%

  • 4

    Plan Got 15% is meant for those who already have a 15% down payment accumulated and/or can not get a mortgage; want to sublet; paid the advance payment to the seller; are switching between properties. This plan offers the smallest monthly payments since you only have to pay the rent. After 1 year of renting period, you can purchase the property once you are ready at the original price.

Evaluate your wishes

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